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The SEO WTF Small Business SEO Course

At SEO WTF we are committed to making SEO accessible to every small business owner who wants to increase their online visibility. We've created our no-nonsense course to help small business owners access expert SEO training without the big fees that others charge and the egos others promote. 

SEO Basics for Small Businesses

Understanding the basics of SEO is the best starting point for optimising your website. Everyone has to start somewhere, and in this module, we'll ensure you're on the right starting line.

​In the course's first module, we'll walk through the SEO Basics you need to know as a small business owner.

​In this module, we cover SEO basics, including:

​1. What is SEO?
2. SEO Myths
3. Search Engines and Their Results
4. Search Engine Result Page Analysis

Remember, this course is built to empower small business owners to implement SEO best practices on their websites. SEO WTF has chosen specific SEO strategies that will elevate a small business's online presence. 

​We start with the basics because, well, you can't win if you don't know the rules!

By implementing SEO WTF's specific SEO strategies to their small business website, course participants will:

-Have greater visibility in search engine results
-Reach more potential customers online
-Have greater control over the success of their small business
-Understand how search engines work and how to use that to their advantage

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