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SEO WTF's course is specifically created for people just starting out with SEO so that they can implement SEO basics themselves, giving them the benefits SEO brings and the foundation they need to scale those practices as they grow.

About Us

SEO WTF is an SEO training brand that empowers small business owners, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs to understand, implement, and benefit from SEO techniques.


Amie Sparrow, founder of SEO WTF, started the brand after being painfully aware of the lack of SEO training for 1. Women, and 2. Small business owners. Most affordable online SEO training for small business owners needs to be updated at best and utterly unhelpful at worst.


Amie, a big believer in the saying “if it doesn’t exist, create it,” created an approachable, inclusive, jargon and ego-free training course to entitle anyone with a website to benefit from SEO. 

While working in-house as a PR Manager, Amie owned and operated a prosecco van as a side hustle. She built a website she was proud of, toiled over every last detail to make it look great, and then waited for the traffic to come rushing in. Dear reader, it did not rush in. It was a ghost town. She wrote “do SEO” on a to-do list once, and, as you can imagine, it never got crossed off the list.

In 2016, she befriended the in-house team of SEOs and used the opportunity to learn as much as she could about what they were doing. Shortly after, she was asked to manage the team under the guise of “You all send outreach emails, so you should work together,” and started her SEO journey there.

After learning SEO basics from some very generous colleagues who never made fun of any of her (ridiculous) questions, Amie realised that SEO isn’t this big, scary “thing” that only experts can do. The principles are logical and easy to understand if presented skillfully. She drew a connection between the work the SEOs were doing to increase the online visibility of the brand’s website and the work she was doing in public relations - what she didn’t know at the time was that she was doing a thing called “Digital PR.”

Amie then took the next step in her career and started working for SEO agencies. She led Digital PR departments to achieve incredible results for brands both in-house and agency side for five years before founding her agency in 2021 and SEO training brand SEO WTF in 2023.

Other career experience:

  • Former news journalist in Chicago

  • Managing Editor

  • PR Manager

  • Staff Writer

  • A career spanning 18 years and three countries

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree: Western Illinois University

Amie Sparrow headshot

SEO WTF models diversity and equality by strategically hiring team members with a wide range of backgrounds, skills, and perspectives.
We highly value brands that share our inclusive ethos.

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