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SEO for Small Businesses
Online Course

The best way to get your small business seen in Search results.

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What's inside our SEO course

You'll walk away from our Small Business SEO course with:


A complete understanding of SEO practices, search engine results, and what you must do to appear in search results.


A keyword report, a list of keywords to target, and a strategy of how to rank for your chosen keywords.


An understanding of the importance of backlinks for SEO, a complete backlink analysis, and a strategy for earning more.


An action plan for fixing 10 common Technical SEO issues that can prevent your site from ranking in Search.

Learn the specific SEO strategies your website needs NOW.

(Even if you don't know what SEO stands for yet.)

Slay your online strategy

The SEO strategies you will apply in our course will allow you to work confidently to increase your website's visibility in search results. Love when a plan comes together!

Expect success

Tired of trying new things and hoping they stick? After taking our SEO course you will know exactly what to do to increase your visibility in Search results.

Get free organic traffic

Don't pay for what you could get for free! Spending money to send people to a site that needs optimisation for Search is a waste of your hard-earned cash.

Beat the best

We will show you how to uncover exactly what your competitors are doing to increase their visibility in Search so that you know what you must do to beat them.

Feel like a mindreader

The SEO strategies we'll show you will feel like you're looking inside the minds of your potential customers. You'll learn what they search online and the exact questions they ask.

Maximise your time

Our SEO course will show you exactly how to optimise your website to get more visibility in Search, even while you sleep, so you can spend more time growing your business.

Recommendations from course completers

"I recommend this course to anyone in business who recognises their SEO needs work."
"I recommend this course to everyone that has a website and wants a successful business!"
“I am going to recommend this course to all my small business owner friends!”
“I will recommend this course to my business owner and entrepreneur friends!”
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